If you are moving out to live alone for job or education, beware it’s never easy. For all the fun and excitement that this new found freedom brings to your life, it also poses new challenges and none greater than having to cook meals and manage your kitchen. You are bound to get tired of takeaways for every single mean and have to start preparing ones that suit your taste buds and at the same time are healthy. Life already sounds miserable, doesn’t it? Thankfully there are smart ways to reduce this misery here we take a look at 10 kickass food hacks that would make your life less wretched as a bachelor living away from home.

1.Try Dry/Dehydrated Foods

If there was a Nobel Prize for food bachelors would love to nominate chips makers every year! Jokes apart, bachelors consume truckload of chips every day. It’s easy – tear the bag, enjoy the crunchy taste and use the trash bin when you are looking for a light snack. Life is simple, isn’t it? But chips are perhaps the most unhealthy food item available on planet and ones you should avoid. Instead try dehydrated and dry foods that you find everywhere when you need a light snack. Apart from enticing your taste buds they provide you with tons of essential nutrients.

2.Brown Bread and Spreads 

Chances are you already have some brown bread in your fridge and nice sandwich spread to go along with it. This one item is a must have in every bachelor’s refrigerator. Go to the superstore and you would be spoil for choice in terms of sandwich spread as there is something for every taste. Stock in some butter and a few varieties of food jam and you can prepare a quick meal even in the middle of the night. If that sounds too simple add some nuts and dried foods and there you have something to make you happy.

3.Stuff Your Fridge With Raw Foods

Raw vegetables along with fruits, nuts and seeds offer you maximum nutrition. The bigger advantage is that you don’t have to spend hours cooking them. Make sure you fill your cart with these items on your next grocery visit. Buy some vinegar, herbs, olive oil and other spices that offer you the dual benefits of taste and health. You can also add honey and virgin coconut oil to your list and prepare the best of salad dressings within a few minutes.

4.Blended Foods and Juices

There is no better way to start your day than drink a glass of fresh juice. You can also try different shakes and smoothies. They are easy to prepare in a blender and when mixed with some nuts and dried fruits create an energy drink that can go along with your sandwiches to make a complete breakfast. Shop for an assortment of fruits and try a new blended drink every day. You will keep your taste buds happy and also avoid spending precious time early in the morning preparing breakfast.

5.Cut Veggies Once, Use Many Time 

 Cutting and chopping vegetables isn’t the easiest of jobs. When you have to do it in small quantities it is never easy in a food processor. A way out of this mess is to cut and chop large quantities of veggies at one go and refrigerate them. Whenever you feel like cooking, half your time and effort would be saved and you can prepare a quick and easy meal. The logic is simple – it is easier to motivate yourself into one hour of prep time a week than do 10 minute job every day.

6.Your Tortilla Is Your Plate

Love tortillas? We bet you do like most other bachelors. And this love is as much to do the taste as it is about the incentive of not having to wash an additional dish once you are done with eating! The very people who gave birth to this food item would surely have used them quite the same way as bachelors do now. Dishes came in only later and its time you just follow the old world way of doing things. After all someone rightly said ‘old is gold’.

7.Use Plastic Wraps on Your Dish

You can’t eat in the same plate twice but hate doing the dishes equally or perhaps even more. There is a way out of your problem – plastic wraps. You have seen roadside food stalls do it to save time and water that goes into washing. You can very well borrow this idea and save yourself from the effort! These warps are readily available at online stores and in the supermarkets. They don’t even burn a hole in your pocket when you buy them in bulk. Give this idea a try.

8.Takeout Packages Are Meant To Be Eaten From

If there is one thing that bachelors hate even more than cooking it has to be doing the dishes. Yes right from your childhood your mom made sure the food was served to you nicely on a plate. But you are far away from your mom’s tender care and it’s time to improvise. Why use a dish and then have to wash it when you can eat right from the takeout package. They are meant to be used that way. Now don’t say you haven’t ever done such a thing. You have always had your pizza from the box and even tore it to serve your friends!


9.Eat Right From The Pot!

Taking what we have stated in our previous hack when you live alone and it is only you who is going to eat what’s cooked. So don’t bother to disturb your dishes and bowls as you can eat straight from the pot. There isn’t the need to do the dishes or arrange the food on the table in a nice manner. Think of yourself on a camping trail and eat the way you would do so on such occasions. Of course you should never do this when you invite a lady to your home for a dinner unless you want it to be your last dinner with her!

10.Cook Using Prepared Gravies

There is no novelty in reinventing the wheel. Why waste time in repetitive tasks when there is a way out of this problem. Prepare certain gravies and refrigerate them and whenever you have to prepare a meal, add veggies or meat and cook for a few minute. Voila! You are done. If you think that will make all your meals taste the same, you can use a mix of herbs and spices and change flavors. Still not convinced? That’s what some of your favorite restaurants do and hence they serve you most complex dishes in no time. You’re convinced now!