Are you looking for some Indian veg recipes for rainy days? Want to satisfy your tongue with some tangy and chatpati recipes? Let’s brighten up your monsoon season with these special evening snacks.

No one can think of any rainy day is complete without a plate full of crunchy pakoras. Right! Then, satisfy your fried food cravings with these popular Indian monsoon snacks recipes. No need to go outside and order unhealthy fried snacks, make them in your kitchen without spending much time.

Try out this lip smacking crunchy fritters along with a cup of hot coffee or masala tea and celebrate the season of splash.

Mix Vegetable Pakora (Fried Fritters)

There are variations of pakoras, which people are made during the rainy season. These veg pakoras are all time favorite snack in India made with mix vegetables and chick pea flour. Try these easy to make tongue tickling fritters at your home and enjoy with a hot cup of Spiced Indian style tea or chutneys.

Mix Vegetable Pakora

Corn Cakes with Chilli Sauce

Fritters mean to be eaten during the rainy season, right! And nothing can be better than the combination of corn and pakora. isn’t it? So, make this hot crispy corn fritters and serve it with chilli sauce or Indian masala tea.

sweet corn fritters

Fried Onion Rings

Make this homemade crispy onion rings which are easy to make and tasty to eat. These golden rings are a perfect accompaniment with any flavoured chutney such as sweet date, tomato sauce or green chutney.

Fried Onion Rings

Rice Falafel with Cheese / Wasabi Paste

This super quick and a traditional Middle Eastern dish – deep fry balls will make your evening special. These falafels are made from ground chickpeas and cooked rice (for a little twist) and served with hummus or curry yoghurt.

rice falafel

Crispy Potato Patties

Here is a mouthwatering recipe from Grandma’s Kitchen – potato patties. It is the Indian snack which gives a real treat to our taste buds any time.

Crispy Potato Patties

Instant Farali Bhel 

It is one of the easiest farali recipes that can be made in few minutes. Indian people are eating this during Vrat/Fasting. It is made from potato chips, boiled potato, tomato, fried peanuts, chillies, spices, lemon juice and coriander leaves.

Farali Bhel

Aloo Phalli Ki Sadi (Crispy Potato & Peanut Fritters)

Barish, we all know the best time to have Pakodas are in monsoons along with some hot Chai and I am sure you all would like to try out something new and different for this season. Try the pakora in so called new avatar which is “Aloo aur Phalli Ke Pakode” and I am sure you can impress your better half, friends and guests with this the next time you invited them for tea at home.

Crispy Potato & Peanut Fritters

Aloo Paratha (Potato Stuffed Indian Flatbread)

Aloo Paratha is a popular Punjabi bread stuffed with potato and spices.Try this stomach filling and palate satisfying stuffed Aloo paratha prepared with potato, onion, wheat flour and spices.

Aloo Paratha Indian Potato Flatbread

Talod Potato Dumplings

Enjoy your monsoon rainy days with these crispy potato fritters with a cup of hot tea or cilantro chutney. Satisfy your craving with these hot crispy outside soft inside pakora!

potato dumpling

Suva Bhaji Thepla (Dill Leaves Indian Flatbread)

It is a popular Gujarati snacks, made from dill leaves (suva bhaji), wheat flour and Indian spices. It is the best food during travelling or picnic. It goes best with pickles or hot tea.


3 Colored Pakoda (Colorful Indian Fritters)

These fritters are an authentic Indian starter to enjoy with your friends. This bite sized food is prepared from boiled potatoes, tomato, sweet corn, cheese, paneer, gram flour, herbs and spices.

3 Coloured Pakoda

Have a happy monsoon! 🙂