Tired of eating dining hall food? Seek of the canteen food? If you are college student searching for a food inspiration, this is the right place! Yes, you can make everything you’d ever want to eat.

Rather than depending on ready-made food, try these easy-to-make recipes which are ready in minutes with less ingredients and doesn’t need any special kitchen tools. No need to spend your pocket money at local fast food joints, you can prepare your own food which is budget friendly too.

Quick Breakfast Recipes:

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most students are struggling to maintain a healthy diet, and searching for homely food contains proper protein and fiber. Here I pick some healthy recipes for your morning meal to improve your energy level and metabolism.

Main Dishes:

Lunch is the only meal to keep you on track through the day. So, here I pick lunch recipes or dinner recipes which are classic, simple, flavourful and food that reminds you of your mother’s cooking.


Delight your mood, with these very quick desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth craving.

Want more? Check our quick recipes, especially for students, bachelors, singles and working people.

College is a time for learning new things. Try these tasty and simple recipes and share yours experience in comments below.

Happy cooking! 🙂