Chef Rahul Dusane is a Head Chef and Kitchen Manager at Chickenwala, worked as a former chef at different 5 Star hotels in India such as Revival Lords, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., ITC fortunet Goa and more. This month we get a chance to know his journey of becoming chef and reveal some secrets of his culinary world.

1. Tell something about yourself

I am from Baroda, known as the ‘cultural capital‘ of Gujarat. I have Completed my Hotel Management at MS University. Being a Chef was not my actual dream. After my higher studies, I decided to make my hobby as my profession. I have made up my mind to be a chef and put my all effort and started my journey towards my Goal. For me, cooking is the combination of ART and SCIENCE of making food edible.

2. So how did you start this amazing journey?

Well, I always had a crazy about new dishes and recipes. My curiosity and hunger toward cooking inspire me to go professional and start this as my career. I selected hotel management as a platform to get enter in the food industry. Later on, I completed my training from well known ITC brand hotels from Goa and learn many things to get a professional chef.

3. What difficulties you faced and how you overcome them?

Being a professional chef isn’t easy, it’s all about hard work, long hours, sweat and sacrifice. I faced many difficulties and barriers through my journey, but dedication and passion for cooking were my only keys to success and make my dream true.

4. Was being Chef your original dream?

Being chef was not my actual dream, however, love for food was only the thing. But, after my higher studies, I got aware about professional courses and decided to make my hobby as my profession.

5. What favorite cuisine to cook?

More or less, I love to cook Indian cuisine. After a good experience in the hotel industry, I suppose work in all cuisine, but my favorite cuisine is to cook is Indian cuisine. As there are many aromatic spices, a number of favorite dishes.

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6. Is there a secret ingredient that you love to cook with?

Well, love towards cooking always remains my secret ingredient. However, secondly I would love to use curry leaves in my recipes.

7. Is there a Chef you admire the most? Who and why?

Chef Ranveer Brar is always remaining my ideal role model. His fantastic work and passion towards goal and his dedication inspired me a lot.

8. What are your future goals?

Being in a profession from since a long time, my wish is to publish my own book in the market.

9. Any message for young upcoming chefs of India?

I would only like to say to all upcoming chefs and hotelier that “dedication and own interest is the only thing which brings you up and make outstanding.”