What do you do when you have leftover Chapatis/rotis? I hate to waste anything but I am not particularly fond of the taste of leftover Chapatis. This is the most efficient way to recycle your leftover chapatis. My darling friend, Meghna Raval, was the one to introduce me to this wonderful quick meal. I have a lot of Gujarati friends but I have yet to see someone prepare rotis as thin and transparent as Meena Raval aunty does. You could literally see through them.
Meghna usually brought this over for breakfast when we worked together and we would all dig into this crunchy healthy breakfast with a hot cup of tea. The recipe demands very little oil and almost no preparation time. The key is thin chapatis here which makes the chevdo even crispier. This is a great lunchbox idea as the dish is as good at room temperature as it is when served hot!