Hello..! I’m from India, the best thing about India is its natural food production. Sorghum (jowar) is one of the top 5 foods all around the world. Here I make Indian jowar roti or Bhakri (Sorghum Flatbread). This recipe is my grandma’s recipe she taught me this method so I can make it healthier.

Jowar Roti3

Here I am using only 3 ingredients, Sorghum (jowar) flour, cinnamon powder, and hot water. Use hot water for quick binding. Sorghum (jowar) has it’s own sweet and savory flavor, here we’re not using salt and using cinnamon to enhance jowar ki roti flavor. If you want some more Indian flatbread recipes to click here,

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Jowar Roti4

Looking for weight loss? Jowar is your friend then.

This soft Sorghum Flatbread (jowar roti) have lots of health benefits. Jowar helps maintain calcium levels in the body. Consuming jowar reduces the bad cholesterol effectively. Jowar fiber content could keep hunger pangs at bay by influencing satiety.

You can serve this Cinnamon Sorghum Flatbread (Jowar Roti) with,

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