Are you a BBQ lover?

If yes, then I bet you can’t stop yourself reading it. We are so excited to share the yummiest day that we have through our journey.

First time ever Live BBQ workshop has been held on 26th February 2017 in Ahmedabad city. The event was organised by Art of Cooking – Shivani Mehta (Rasoi Show winner season 3) & Chef Ripudaman Handa. Bachelor Recipe was an online partner for the event. And so we had an opportunity to join Celebrity Chef Ajay Chopra ( Master Chef India Judge) and Chef Ripu Daman Handa (Master Chef India season 3 winner) at the LIVE BBQ workshop and to learn how to make classic BBQ dishes.

Event highlights:

  • 800+ passionate people to learn barbecue recipes
  • Participants prepared a unique smoked and grilled recipes for cooking competition
  • Selfie moment of competitors with Master Chefs
  • Introduction of Master Chefs
  • BBQ sessions by Chef Ripu Handa and Chef Ajay Chopra
  • Learn about the do’s and don’t of barbequing
  • Questions and Answers with Live audience
  • Housie game
  • Winner announcement
  • Prize distribution

After months of planning and preparation, beginning with the first part of the event which is cooking competition. The event as divided into two parts participants cooking competition and live barbeque cooking workshop with Chef Ajay Chopra and Chef Ripu Daman Handa.

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Cooking Competition:

Cooking competition started from 4 pm. There are 19 participants taken part and they all are from different areas of Gujarat. The day praised very well with the session by presenting contestants the perfect weather to be cooking outdoors. Contestants were in a cooking mode to prepare barbecue recipes to impress their favourite chef. Those dishes will be judged by the Celebrity chefs and the winners will be honoured by our esteemed Sponsors and Celebrities.

Participants were so excited to present their best BBQ dish in front of judges, here I share photos of contestant recipes which are very impressive! Chefs came there and not only taste contestant dishes, they suggest some positive points and pitfalls of dishes too. Let me share one moment, one of the contestant were presented his dish in a deep bowl. So, Chef Ajay Chopra said that if you present your dish in a plate then the dish looks more attractive and foodie can see every layer of your BBQ dish.

  • recipe-pics11
  • bbq live event2
  • bbq live event3
  • bbq live event4
  • bbq live event1
  • bbq live event6
  • recipe-pics8
  • bbq live event7

After the completion of the cooking competition, we were moving forward to the second and most awaited BBQ Workshop event.

Live BBQ Workshop with Chef Ripu Daman Handa & Chef Ajay Chopra:

The host of the event Shivani Mehta (Rasoi show winner season 3) starts the event with her gorgeous charm. She has introduced all the sponsors of the event. And the most awaited moment came. Yes, you guess the right! An entry of most demanded Chef Ripu Handa. People were literally getting crazy to see him live, and the audience was so excited to watch him live. And guess what? He did not come alone but with his hone vali baliye Shivangi Verma. They looked so perfect together. With the demand of audience, they both performed a little bit dances.

Chef Ripu Handa was cooked his first BBQ dish with the use of fruit (lychee). And believe me, that dish looks so innovative and yummy. For make the workshop more interesting, he gave his dish to the audience for tasting and snatch heart of the audience. His second dish was made with the main ingredient Laxmi tuvar dal () with the host of the event and cooking expert, Shivani Mehta. She played some wonderful games such as Live questions and answers, housie with an audience. By playing games, the audience also got some interesting prizes, vouchers and got the chance to click photos with Chef Ripu Daman Handa.

  • bbq live event15
  • bbq live event19
  • bbq live event11
  • bbq live event16
  • bbq live event18
  • bbq live event18
  • bbq live event17

Finally, that special moment came when the senior Chef, Chef Ajay Chopra came and make one barbeque dish with the easiest and one of the common dish, paneer barbeque. He gave some tips on how to prepare a BBQ dishes, a right way. He has clicked some amazing selfies with the audience.

At the end of the event, winners of the cooking competition were announced and received prizes and appreciation from Celebrity Chefs.

Last words:

BBQ workshop gave me hands of experience, educative and lots of fun. I was left with a happy and overloaded tummy and lots of learning to take away.