India is most known for its culture, traditions, and food. The variety seen in Indian cuisine is unmatched by any other cuisine. There are lots of Indian people who are popular worldwide for their talent and contributions into various fields including IT, sports, food, technology, entertainment, and more.

There are countless Indian foodies around the world, who put their heart into making food recipes – photography and encourage people to make their cooking more interesting and fun. From easy cooking to fine dining, these food blogs will give you delicious and nutritious meal ideas that you can use today. So, let’s take a look at the best Indian food bloggers you should follow.

Here I share top 10 India-born and globally successful food bloggers, whose passion for food and writing provide reasons for people to love the food over and over again.

1. The Secret Ingredient by Anshu Pande

A great food blog with excellent Indian recipes, especially for those who are far away from India. Author Anshu Pande is a lawyer turned baker and blogger. She had never interested in cooking, after marriage, she learned cooking from her mom and it becomes her passion.



2. Vidhya’s Home Cooking by Srividhya Gopalakrishnan

Srividhya Gopalakrishnan also known as Srividhya Manikandhan is one of the successful food bloggers from India. She is a software engineer by profession but a chef by heart. Her mom is her true inspiration for cooking. She is from Tamilnadu and so you can find a traditional collection of south Indian recipes through her blog.



3. Cookilicious by Priya

Priya is a recipe developer and food stylist. She has a good knowledge of food and nutrition from her bachelor course. Cookilicious is a food blog, where you can find easy, healthy and vegetarian meals. She has her own version of some international dishes, which are very interesting.



4. Traditionally Modern Food by Vidya Srinivasan

Vidya is a home maker and passionate about cooking from her childhood. She learned many of her recipes from her mom. She loves to twist and tweak the recipes, which reflects in her blog name ‘Traditionally Modern Food’. Through her blog, discover a new way of cooking, as she prepared traditional Indian snacks in a microwave oven. Sounds interesting!



5. Just Homemade by Radhika Penagonda

Radhika Penagonda has started her culinary journey in 2010. The aim behind ‘just homemade’ blog is her love of a pure vegetarian home cooked meal. She believes in the Ayurvedic way of eating, and you can find freshness and organic food through her recipes too. Her blog includes naturally vegan, eggless, made from scratch recipes for the everyday meal.



6. Ria’s Collection by Ria Mathew

Want to satisfy your sugar craving? This food blog is best for delicious desserts, cupcakes, cookies, pies, tarts, quiches etc. Food blogger behind this website, ria has come from a family of home cooks. She spends a good amount of time discussing food, whenever they meet up.



7. Chef Pallavi by Chef Pallavi Nigam Sahay

Chef is focused around food that can be prepared in less time without compromising its taste and nutritional value. The author of this website, Chef Pallavi Nigam is a professional chef, recipe developer and food columnist from India. She has shot many recipe videos with prestigious YouTube channels like Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana and lifestyle channel Food Food India.

Chef pallavi interview


Want to know more about her food journey? Check out her exclusive interview with Bachelor Recipe here

8. Red Chilly Curry by Janani

She’s a pure vegetarian from India and inspired for cooking by her mother, Yamuna. She started to learn cooking after marriage. Then she explores a lot of varieties and shares through red chilly curry. This site focus on both traditional and modern quick-bite recipes. Janani’s recipe collection is the fusion of traditional and modern cooking, and her mother’s recipes are of authentic south Indian taste.



9. Whats for Lunch, Honey? by Meeta

Meeta started this blog in 2008. Her blog name sounds interesting, right! Well, she shares on her blog about,  how it comes in her mind. It was actually created while she had a bake in the oven and her two men came in and asked “What’s for lunch?” and there she decided the name for a food blog. She followed her dad’s footsteps and studied Hotel Management. She loves photography, and she does it amazingly with food. Check out her blog for multi-cultural home cooked meals with fresh organic ingredients.



10. Hungry Desi by Nithya

Are you craving for desi Indian recipes? Check into Hungry Desi by Nithya, where you can find cooking with Indian taste. Her recipes are largely influenced by Indian spices and flavors. It’s a great platform to get traditional Indian food and spicy vegetarian dishes.